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  • Pat Heffernan

    The author makes an important point that is often overlooked: it takes more than one 'star' with a great idea to create sustainable social change.

    I couldn't agree more with her conclusion: "I realized that most members of this generation will not be social entrepreneurs, and they shouldn't be. But if we can channel their altruistic energy and give them the tools, methodologies, and frameworks from the most successful social entrepreneurs, they will be changemakers, champions, and supporters of the work. They will make meaningful contributions to the world not by founding organizations but by bringing their best selves — their heart and head — to their work. And they will do this in all sectors, not just in nonprofit organizations but also in government agencies, family businesses, and major corporations."

    • Brian Magee

      Agree Pat. I find the opportunities in the realm of social entrepreneurship very appealing (working with a "Social Enterprise" now), but I am far more interesting (and probably much better suited) in working with/under someone who has the idea or has the model, and bring what I can - be it passion, energy, or tangible skill set - to support it.