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One Million Dollars + Your Creativity = Global Hero

Sarah Lowe

Calling all armchair activists! The Whole New World Foundation has announced a contest with a million dollar prize. Your challenge should you choose to accept it: submit a creative idea that could help save the lives of children under five in your community or around the world. Submit by May 1st for the chance to save the world without evening changing out of your pajamas.

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  • Aleyda Mejia

    Thank you GOOD! For posting and sharing the Caplow Children's Prize in your community. I'd like to quickly clarify that the $1 million is not just for a creative idea submission. The winner will receive these funds to directly execute the life-saving intervention(s) outlined in their submitted proposal.

    So I guess the armchair activist must leave the armchair to implement their life-saving vision, and possibly change out of their pajamas!