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  • Doris YeeDoris Yee

    Every photography student in Detroit attending CCS or Wayne State University has a fascination with this "visual art" at some point. But outside of the classroom and perhaps even after graduation, you begin to realize we no longer need snapshots of a history-gone-to-hell. Photographers need to shoot the future. A former fan of "ruin porn" during my teenage years, I want a more optimistic and positive story to be told and imagines.

    I recommend reading this interview with photographer Bruce Giffin: http://www.foundmichigan.org/wp/2012/03/28/photographing-detroit-giffin

    • Megan WoodMegan Wood

      I agree, Doris. What I liked about this photo essay was the shots of people in Detroit rebuilding their city, or living in a different way.

      Thanks for the link to the interview, I particularly liked what the photographer had to say about graffiti.