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Potential AEG buyer (possible NFL stadium/team owner) interested in promoting healthy lifestyles among kids

Diana Ahrens

LA City Council approves up-for-sale-AEG's bid to build an NFL stadium downtown...no matter what you think of that, this is pretty interesting: biotech entrepreneur and potential AEG buyer Patrick Soon-Shiong sat in the front row in the meeting room on Friday; he has said he would use AEG's sports teams and its concert touring business to help promote healthy lifestyles to youth. There isn't much press about it yet, but he'd be in a powerful position to make an impact. What do you think?

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  • Vast ShadowVast Shadow

    I can not think of any community that doesn't need more youth collaborations. From New York to any upscale, high population city... REALLY lack in youth involvement. People don't get that it doesn't have to be just parks, but technology is fun... Seeing how stuff works and learning about it in the same instance. Could make a flat-appearing water treatment center... Look fun.

    Thats initiative as well... OF progress. Making something any child could witness and par-take in. Sports are good, but there is billions of ways to get kids involved in the world and community. Yet, no one ever tries to do such things.

  • Max SchorrMax Schorr

    Wow. I had never heard of Patrick Soon-Shiong before today (wealthiest person in LA, born in South Africa in 1952 to Chinese Immigrant parents, surgeon, entrepreneur, investor), but he sounds like a remarkable person, and what an opportunity to use sport and his resources to promote healthy lifestyles.

    • Diana AhrensDiana Ahrens

      Totally. I feel like the dialogue is going to focus on the stadium and I really hope we hear more about his specific plans.