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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, or Repair: The Pop-Up Repair Shop in NYC


New York City’s Pop Up Repair Shop was a one-month experiment this June “aimed at breaking the cycle of use-and-discard goods.” It was the first step of a larger exploration of the issue, led by Sandra Goldmark, a set and costume designer and theater professor at Barnard College. Sandra and her husband Michael Banta, a theater production manager at Barnard, launched the shop using funds from an IndieGoGo campaign, which raised over $9,000.

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  • abefromanabefroman

    This is a very cool idea. I remember repair shops from my youth, but rarely if ever see any around now. I'd love to see these types of shops return and thrive. It all comes back to sustainability and <a href="http://greencirclecertified.com/closed-loop.html"; target=_blank"><u>Closed Loop Product</u></a>s.