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Safe Passage? Chicago's Kids Have to Be Escorted to School by the Police

Liz Dwyer

Kids in Chicago went back to school on Monday, but at 50 fewer campuses. Thanks to the largest mass school closing in U.S. history, they must now walk through dangerous neighborhoods and cross gang lines. Local lawyer and musician, Matt Farmer, tweeted a photo of police escorting kids along so-called "safe passage" routes. CPS's Tim Cawley claims "People from this community don't need to worry about safe passage." Meanwhile, five people were shot early last Monday morning along one route.

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  • Maria Carkagis

    How sad.
    Makes me thankful that here in Australia, our gun legislation gives some protection to the community at large - not that we don't have gun crime, but the restrictions mean that the number of firearms in the community is significantly less than what you experience in the US. An education should not be at risk, just because it is considered too dangerous to walk to the school that you attend :(

  • Kris Giere

    Wow! This is so upsetting. I feel like this photo captures just how out of touch the decision makers for CPS truly are. Thank you for sharing, Liz.

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    This is so sad, but I'm happy that the police are stepping in. It's almost as if crosswalk guards should be trained to escort these kids as well.