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Should Entrepreneurship Be Taught At School?

Catherina Fisher

Public speaking. My Achilles heel. Most of the time, I manage (somewhat) successfully to convince the world I am cool, calm, collected, confident, competent… Well, you get the idea. But occasionally, when presented with the prospect of making a professional presentation or delivering a speech, my crippling fear of public speaking conspires to shatter my serene facade and turn me into a quivering bucket of nerves and stammered sentences. How I wish I had been taught public speaking in school..

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  • What If...?

    Love this idea. Would also love for others to follow us along at #Edupreneurship as we at What If...? try to help merge education and entrepreneurship into the transformative force they (and "edupreneurship") can be. Our post on Edupreneurship on the Huffington Post: