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Silverware Designed to Make First Dates Less Awkward

Adele Peters

Could a different type of spoon help make dinner dates a little less stressful? London-based designer Cristina Guardiola designed a knife and fork with hidden magnets that encourage you to set the utensils down, take a break from eating, and spend more time talking. A soup spoon is shaped so you can't avoid using it incorrectly (are dinner dates really ruined over spoon etiquette?) and a dessert spoon is shaped for sharing.

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  • Cait Emma

    Not to say this isn't cool, but as a left-hander, I'm not convinced this would actually make my dates better... The direction the spoon's lip is facing is discouraging. Ha

  • Jessica Rivera

    This is awesome! I'd say these are good for first dates, group dinners, and even a quiet night at home. Thoughtful design and it looks good too!