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  • Mathai KuriakoseMathai Kuriakose

    poverty is many things. but lack of food comes first. but it is not becoz there is shortage of food in the world. the problem is distribution.
    cant we think of a system where food items move freely across borders ? no restrictions. no levies. no import export formalities. just for eatables.
    of course free of cost . and free transportaion if we have the will.
    just for food. to help every one eat. to ensure no one dies of hunger.

  • XPedroXXPedroX

    After Columbus arrive to "America" the portuguese crown all ready have knowledge of the American land`s in that time it was a secret Columbo came to Portugal but the King decline here services for monetary reasons and strategic too and he go to Castilha "Spain" in the begin the nobles didnt wish but the Queen accept. I say of Portugal because the Tordezilhas agreedment who was negociate after Columbus arrive to the new world in the time "America.

  • seabreeznseabreezn

    Oye....Columbus anilated Native Americans ..Yah know , I don't need to write anymore than this - Go to National Geographic an watch "Columbus" - learn how Europe was already saturated with people , polution etc ...so Spain knew this was ample oppurtunity to find new lands to begin anew what they had already sowed ....

    • Melinda AndersonMelinda Anderson

      Yes indeed. Oy. Misinformation abounds when it comes to Columbus' pursuits. Thanks for comment.

  • Sharon KellySharon Kelly

    Education, education, education...I cannot say it enough (maybe I should continue to say it). We need to have an unfiltered, unaltered, unabridged educational system where the truth is taught as opposed to what the present system considers to be more palatable. And the proof is in their denial is most evident as school districts throughout the country gave students the day off. Our government is no better either as federal, state and local offices (along with financial institutions) had the day off as well. Not to mention all the materialism that comes with this "holiday", as sale commericials blare across our television screens. It is apparent that the US is no closer to admitting that all we are celebrating every second Monday of October are half-truths.

    • Melinda AndersonMelinda Anderson

      Agreed! Education should be always be age-appropriate and a spin-free zone. Thanks for comment.

  • Andrea MarguttiAndrea Margutti

    interesting post and point of view. just two things (I'm joking...ok!) 1) please call him "Cristoforo Colombo" that's the real name...it's like to say Giorgio Washington or Tommaso Edison or Giovanni Sebastiano Bach (not strange?!) ;-) 2) next time to "discover" America and "erase" indigenous history we'll wait for Joanna Eede to born ;-)

  • Ben GoldhirshBen Goldhirsh

    not true, Melinda. America, and frankly all of N. America, was adrift in the riptide between the atlantic and the paciifc until old Christopher anchored her down! just kidding. what a wonderful title to your post. got my day off with a great start. I don't blame columbus for what ensued though. And with that, I share this really sad update on how the shutdown is effecting the Crow Reservation in MT. Very sad and scary.

  • Melinda AndersonMelinda Anderson

    Great point! We cling to these myths and then get defensive when presented with the truth. I once read celebrating Columbus Day is like rejoicing someone finding keys to a car in the ignition and driving off because he "discovered" it. Amusing, spot on comparison.

  • Liz DwyerLiz Dwyer

    Amen. What's so disturbing is that even though much of the truth about Columbus is easily available, folks still refuse to teach it in schools. And if you ask for the truth to be told, you're causing trouble or ruining American traditions.