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So Long FOMO...2014 is the year of JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out)

Drew Ocon

There's a new trend forecast for 2014 (and one that will make our lives a lot easier) - this is the year of JOMO, also known as the Joy Of Missing Out.

As a backlash against FOMO - aka Fear Of Missing Out - the term is a rebellion against saying yes to everything, and is about giving yourself the space to think and experience things without freaking out about what you 'should' be doing instead.

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  • AnnaAnna

    Fantastic! I think we could all adopt a little of this :)

  • Jackie RamirezJackie Ramirez

    Fantastic! This is perfect being that I suffer from FOMO and I need to go on Wedding-Savings mode. What a fabulous trend, I'm adopting it as of this second.

  • John KhouryJohn Khoury

    clever. And just when my New Year's resolution was to post more on Facebook.