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    I love his story about New York: "In New York, we went to interview Erica Ford in Jamaica, Queens, where for 340 days she and her team I Love My LIFE had stopped violence—not a single shot, not a single murder happened. When I met her, the team was talking a 20-something male down from retaliating and killing someone who had just shot his best friend in the face. And while I was watching this, the landlord came in and said, “Erica, you haven’t paid rent in a couple of months. At the end of the day, this is a business.” That spawned a fundraising campaign, and we raised $150,000 for her in 30 days.

    The tour’s been remarkable in bridging gaps, raising awareness, and educating people about how we all have a role to play and how we can solve this issue if we all play our part."