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    Hillary Newman Alessandra Rizzotti


  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    I love this site. Really comprehensive way of showing all the impact design in the world. Glad to see Crowdrise in there. It's pretty amazing they launched bec of funds from Kickstarter.

    • Trevor Lakey

      Great to see the sheer diversity and inventiveness of the selected initiatives, and the way that Nominet Trust sparked a lively online debate about digital innovation

        • Trevor Lakey

          So difficult to pick one out! Of the ones I was already aware of, Witness is close to my heart, given a strong interest in human rights and as a long term admirer of Peter Gabriel! Platforms like Ushahidi are exciting and a whole raft of allied work on the theme of community mapping. A newer one that has huge potential for learning is Open Badges and a beautiful looking one that I've just discovered is 7 Billion Others - I love the interaction between people, stories and technology.

          How about you?