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  • SolarAid

    Hi Casey, we are developing a Share A Light microsite which will launch as beta in early Sept/October. However you can still share the cost of a light by visiting our Give page: http://solar-aid.org/give/ Great to know your interested. If you have any queries email info@solar-aid.org and we'll respond asap

  • Todd Byers

    What a fantastic project!!! I will spread the word so you can shed the light :)

    • SolarAid

      Brilliant! You can also find us on facebook.com/solaraid and @solaraid on twitter. Check out solar-aid.org/movies for some vids too.

  • Casey Caplowe

    It looks like the Share the cost of a light function isn't ready yet. Do you know when it might be? Do you know what it will cost?

    this is pretty cool.