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Spent: The first online game about homelessness

Doris Yee

Imagine you just lost your job...and now your home. Spent is an immersive online experience that challenges gamers and non-gamers alike to survive poverty and see first-hand that homelessness is just a shortfall away. It's more of an interactive infographic. Through a series of decisions, Spent will visualize how you spend your last $1000.

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  • Cece ChouCece Chou

    Good attempt. Learned a lot of hard facts from the Game. Can't imagine a life with so many hard decisions. It would be more illustrative if inforgraphics are used to demonstrate the facts.

  • nico morrisnico morris

    any discussion about homelessness is critical although useless simultaneously(I feel empowered to say this since I am "Home free" and have been for many years if not always (being from renting class) .

    I am always wary sleeping in something without a license plate, evictions and "Trips" just happen.
    I choose homelessness due to publicly held misconceptions about building usage(Thousand of big ones are empty) and the rights of ownership. a museum is not a "Hoard" and a "Hoarder" is someone who retains materials and cannot afford a security guard to keep your nosy ass out of them.I pay big money for storage of art materials and tools,an constant disharmony with owning class concerns over my stewardship.
    The discussion in not getting the hundreds of pound of food I have gleaned from local dumpsters any closer to the table of hungry underpaid farmers or my hungry compost bins.
    While the rest of you worked "Jobs" I have created over 5 yards of excellent topsoil by diverting landfill.this capacity is open to anyone willing to donate 1/3 of their daily effort to it. seems silly,but if every one did it we'd have 1/2 the greenhouse gasses,and no problem with depleted top-soils huh?. hmmm ......well homelessness better be worth while doing it or you'll just have to give up and go get a house.

    I work full weeks and most weekends,you pay my medical thanks, and stop and smell the flowers huh?

    • Doris YeeDoris Yee

      How long have you lived such a lifestyle? What are the hardest decisions you have to make?

  • Connie ShenConnie Shen

    Interactive Infographic--this is such a genius idea! It's so easy to overlook how costs add up and how thin the line is from slightly broken to completely broke. The idea of virtually taking you to that line and giving you the opportunity to make decisions that could push over has the potential to raise a lot of much needed awareness.

  • Julianne SandersJulianne Sanders

    What a terrific idea - very clever, although I'm wondering about the audience. Perhaps it could also be adapted to be used as an awareness raising tool. I think it would need a very clever marketing and comms plan to ensure its reach.

    • Doris YeeDoris Yee

      I believe it was originally intended to raise awareness - wasn't really meant to be a fun game. It's more of an interactive infographic...purposed to be stressful. It's smart though. Spent has you clicking around and debating for quite a while (a downfall of a lot of these interfaces).

  • Karin MachlufKarin Machluf

    This was amazing! I couldn't NOT donate. I cannot believe how stress-inducing this was, and I can only imagine how much worse it can be. Buying winter clothes, household cleaning items, school supplies, birthday gifts, even a simple ice cream cone. Makes you really think.

    • Doris YeeDoris Yee

      Karin! That's amazing you donated. The decisions a lot of us make everyday take only a few seconds. But when you're broke, anything if a game-changer, a life-changer.