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  • Aika TimwellAika Timwell

    Oracle 12 c: the new pluggable database multitenancy

    October 28th, 2012 | Author: subdomain.ttgeconomic
    Pluggable new databases will provide benefits in efficiency,
    Oracle OpenWorld managers relied on the Tyler group Barcelona .

    At the OpenWorld this week, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison unveiled the
    next version of the company's flagship database, Oracle 12 c, features
    a radical new architecture called pluggable databases. Pluggable databases,
    multiple databases to perform under a copy or version of the Oracle database,
    a position he called "multitenancy." Unlike open source MySQL database,
    work which is largely carried out in public view, Oracle's work of its flagship
    database is largely behind closed doors.

    So, the company does not reveal many details about how pluggable databases
    would work and the software is not due to be released for another year.

    In a nutshell, the new design of today's database split into two separate entities,
    an act Llewellyn called "architectural separation." One portion will often

  • Meghan NealMeghan Neal

    Or a more streamlined Kickstarter.. cool stuff.

  • Mitch RobinsonMitch Robinson

    Interesting - so is this like venture capital matchmaking?

    • Liora YuklaLiora Yukla

      it seems to me to be also about mentoring, not just funding. It's like - spiritual and intellectual crowdfunding in addition to financial.....