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  • Pamela Miller

    Two sections of the river have been revitalized into lush ecosystems with herons, egrets, ducks, and flanked by bike paths, with environmentalists and cycling advocates joining forces to lead the restoration efforts. Interestingly, the Mayor became a convert to the cause after he broke an elbow in a July 2010 accident when a taxi cut him off as he was riding his bike along Venice Boulevard. Now the City has an official goal of creating 40 new bikeable miles per year. Riverside paths are a big part of the plan.

  • Hillary Newman

    There is so much potential here. Restoring the LA River would do what the highline did for New York City, and likely more. I hope we can find a way to raise the funds to make this happen. In such a big, sprawling city, it would be incredible to bring back to life something so unifying and prominent.