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Stumbler: Fixing Neighborhood Sidewalks Via Tumblr

Adele Peters

Fed up with weird city policies for fixing sidewalks, San Diego news nonprofit Voice of San Diego decided to make a Tumblr devoted only to photos of the worst blocks in town. It's sort of like a more focused version of SeeClickFix or other sites that help citizens point out needed repairs to city government. I wonder how Tumblr could be used to help bring attention to other specific city issues.

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  • Jessica De JesusJessica De Jesus

    So awesome. I'm interested to see how they are actually bringing city leaders into the conversation. Will this just be an archive of evidence to present? Or will it be updated with photos of actual meetings and the progress to repair the streets?

    Maybe it's petition-style where the more reblogs and likes an image gets, the greater chance that street gets attention from city politicos?...