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Taco Bell Just Dropped Kids Meals and Toys—What Are You Waiting for McDonald's?

Zachary Slobig

Taco Bell in response to growing pressure from parents, food activists, and CSR forces, will no longer serve specially marketed kids meals paired with toys. Interestingly, the CEO says the future of Taco Bell is not selling its "food" to kids, it's the millennials they're after. So, what will Taco Bell's 'Millennial Meals' look like?

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  • Brandie JuneBrandie June

    Does anyone know if this is a region-specific thing? I haven't seen kid meals at any of the Taco Bells in my area, and I live out in Los Angeles. The story seems like such a great move on Taco Bells part, until I realized that I was pretty sure they do not even have kids meals. Do they have kids meals elsewhere?