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Taxonomy of Trash Finds Beauty in Refuse

Tim Eads

Some Philadelphians have garbage on their mind—and their using Kickstarter to spread the word. The team consisting of a visual artist, photographer, videographer, sound engineer and biologist are hoping to raise $7,500 for their Taxonomy of Trash project by February 24 to help build a mobile trash analysis laboratory, publish a book of photographs and hold a multimedia exhibition.

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  • Lindsey Smith

    Tim, do you know if they raised the funds? Totally interested in seeing the outcome.

        • Tim Eads

          I am. I know it was a little shameless self-promotion putting it on good, but I figured there might be people here that like the project. We are building the lab and getting the book published!

          • Lindsey Smith

            HAHA! it's ok. It's a very interesting project and people like me in the GOOD community are clearly interested in it! Keep us updated on the progress!