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Teaching Kids the Ins and Outs of Entrepreneurship

Rodrigo Mejia

When it comes time to move a business idea out of its bubble and into a reality of logistics and footwork, few have the business sense to give themselves a proper start. But what about teaching entrepreneurial skills before the idea phase? That's the mission of The BizWorld Foundation, a nonprofit that exposes kids from grades 3-8 to the basics of business--leadership, critical thinking, and teamwork. The program has expanded to include investment lessons (BizWiz) and programming (BizMovie).

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  • Agus EchagueAgus Echague

    I really like this, but maybe there's a bit more to be done? It looks a lot like Junior Achievement (https://www.juniorachievement.org), teaching biz to kids... which is fan-freaking-tastic.
    However, i think the link that's missing is the entrepreneurial part. Brainstorming ideas, validating which one is the one that works... and then YES, all the exec and implementation (which is sort of covered in the business part).
    Still this is better than nothing, so i think it's a good stepping stone. I think the biggest challenge is the mindset shift (or at least that's what I found in Argentina): to even consider the possibility of starting your own thing and not follow the set/traditional/corporate path, is sthg that teachers need to work with kids AND their parents...!

  • Alessandra RizzottiAlessandra Rizzotti

    Their model seems super corporate. While I like the idea of teaching kids business, sales, and finance skills, I think the focus should be less about roles they give them and more about their ideas.

    • Jody TurnerJody Turner

      Yes, teaching creative thinking as a part of their skillset/toolkit... applicable creative thinking if need be but the innovation focus would be a natural as kids are so openly creative and seem to lose it as they age. What other products matter to children? Love this article/direction, inspires thinking about more options for kids that want to be tuned into the current culture/society.