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TED Launches a New Website All About Cities

Laura Kurtzberg

TED says their new website, thecity2.org, could help create cities more "vibrant, inclusive, and just". It showcases projects all over the world that have won grants of $10,000 from City 2.0. If you have a story or idea about your own city, there is a place to submit it. This website is another example of online mediums (like GOOD.is!) which may be fostering a new kind of collaborative innovation.

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  • Chloe WaretiniChloe Waretini

    Seems like a lot of people are trying to crack this one. We know with mass-urbanisation that we're going to have to transform the way our cities work. There is a general consensus building that place-based, bottom-up, citizen-activated seems to be the way to do it so platforms are popping up everywhere sharing inspiring projects and resources. There is no doubt there is a myriad of amazing content out there, but how are we going to start embedding this way of operating into our culture?

    • Laura KurtzbergLaura Kurtzberg

      That's a very good question. One thing is having a lot of ideas, and another thing is to actually implement them. At least there seems to be a tendency to pay more attention to the changes that need to happen. This makes me hopeful about the future!