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  • Alessandra RizzottiAlessandra Rizzotti

    I think it's a problem when people can't be more forward in emails- it's actually a sign that there's issues with the team, not necessarily that one person who's frustrated. Would love to know what other words in emails you find passive aggressive. ("Just so you know...", "Sorry if I stepped on your toes...", "Just curious to know why...", "Just making sure this wasn't a glitch?", "Just checking in?"). I myself would love to be a better communicator, so a how-to on what not to say- or a how to be a better communicator in emails would be awesome. Have you ever written something like that?

    • Sarah McKinneySarah McKinney

      I did a little research (just among friends and family) before writing the article and some other suggestions were "with all due respect" and "interesting" …when said aloud in meetings:) I think being direct but compassionate is a mix I aim for …taking a moment to put myself in their shoes first, and not just be coming from my (sometimes selfish) perspective. It's a practice, but yeah …the less passive aggressive we can be the better, as that energy is contagious.