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The blogosphere wants to make the world a better place

Katie Green

Global Pulse has analyzed keywords and sentiments used by people on Twitter and revealed that most people want a better world to live in, starting with things like improved schools, faster and more stable internet and political transparency.

In Bangladesh, the top priority is freedom from discrimination and political freedom.

"In general, Twitter says most folks want better local schools, a better internet connection and jobs," writes Humanosphere.

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  • Gomes Ignatius BijoyGomes Ignatius Bijoy

    Right & This is true
    স্বাধীন হয়েছি আমরা ঠিকই, বৈষম্য আর পরাধীনতার রেশ এখনো রেখেছি।

  • Meghan NealMeghan Neal

    How refreshing! I always believed this was true, despite all the crap you see out there, and it's nice to have some data backing that up.