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    Alan Bishop

The Carrot or the Stick - Why Pleasure or Pain Drives our Every Action

Alan Bishop

Which choice leads you down the path?

Simply put, we have 2 driving forces in our lives. 2 powerful motivators that cause our every action. 2 Choices you might say.

These 2 choices are:
Our need to avoid Pain
Our desire to gain Pleasure.
Every action we take is a result of 1 of those 2 choices. Think about it!

Ultimate Pain? What is that for you?

Ultimate Pleasure? What’s that?

It’s a great set of questions.

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  • Alan BishopAlan Bishop

    Love to hear some thoughts on this. Specifically lets hear examples of the different choices.
    I drive towards pain when I .....
    I drive towards pleasure when I....

    Hope you enjoyed the read.