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    I particularly like this point you made:

    "I think there are many goals in life that require this type of struggle. For J.K. Rowling, it meant choosing to be a writer when she was a poor, single mother without a job. For you, it might mean choosing yourself when…

    you have no connections
    you are inexperienced and unproven
    you are poor and lack resources
    you are out of shape and overweight

    Successful people don’t wait to be tapped, chosen, appointed, or nominated. They start before they feel ready. They tell themselves, “It doesn’t matter whether or not it’s my fault that I’m here. This is who I am and it’s my responsibility to do something about it.”

    When I fell off a cliff in 2008, I decided that the only way to be happy was to have an positive attitude about my situation, and to take it as an opportunity to spend more time with friends, take a break from work, and create. I feel like I could have stayed in bed, but I made it a time to keep going and produce more than I ever had. Sometimes circumstance fuels and motivates you more than mentorship or guidance.