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  • Jeff NelderJeff Nelder

    Really interesting chicken or egg implications here...would the person without the elite education feel the same way: "I don't know how to talk to these people", "we have nothing in common", etc.?

    It's also interesting to think about the marginalization of the work ethic people demonstrate when they go to school online or in an other asynchronous (night school, etc.) manner. Older students who must take remedial courses and fit school into a life replete with kids and full time employment have had their educations at for-profit colleges devalued, while one could argue that the quality of work ethic required for such an achievement demonstrates a superlative commitment to achievement.

  • Hannah WassermanHannah Wasserman

    I didn't go to an Ivy League school, but it's super hard for me to imagine that it's a school's fault that this man can't communicate with "common folk". There's something about this article that I feel perpetuates the elitism. It's like saying yes but nodding no. Interesting read, though.

  • Diana AhrensDiana Ahrens

    incredibly interesting perspective, but the author writes, "I never learned that there are smart people who don’t go to elite colleges, often precisely for reasons of class. I never learned that there are smart people who don’t go to college at all." - this doesn't seem to be a failing of an elite education, but a failing of a portion of his earlier upbringing.

  • Alessandra RizzottiAlessandra Rizzotti

    If "Ivy League" schools didn't exist in our education system, maybe there would be less elitism in our society. Then again, every institution creates some sort of class system.