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The Extroverted Church

David Krug

What it means to be an Introvert in American Churches

The extroverted Christian
Plays guitar or sings at worship
The first to greet newcomers
Last to leave after coffee hour

The extroverted church
Unceasing activity
Extroverted evangelism
Extroverted evangelism is often off-putting for introverts

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  • Hannah KimHannah Kim

    Very interesting! When I attended church in the past I was often off put by the overly friendly greetings from church members/singling out of new members ("guests"). I think this is great advice for churches that want to be accessible for everyone and create a more open environment. Are there any places of worship that you've seen being a great environment for both extroverts and introverts? Maybe they can be a model for others.

    • David KrugDavid Krug

      I'm a huge believer that most churches are too big and focused on Extroverted Evangelism. However smaller house churches tend to be the model I prefer.

      • Hannah KimHannah Kim

        Yes, I agree. I think teaching through living is a much more effective model than extroverted evangelism. Non-believers can sense insincerity or hypocrisy easily so it's important for churches to focus on being reflective of the ideals they wish to impart.