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The Feminization of Farming

Ashley Stevens

You know what's good? Ending world hunger.

"A 2000 study of developing countries by the International Food Policy Research Institute found that as much as 55 percent of the reduction in hunger from 1970 to 1995 could be attributed to improvements in women’s status in society."

Read this NYT article on the feminizing farming, a beautiful, empowering initiative for women in third world countries, but absolutely applicable all over the world. How could your city empower female farmers?

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  • Lindsey SmithLindsey Smith

    Wow! This is incredible. Thank you for posting. On a positive note, the developing countries solutions to an increasing problem are creative and tactical. I think each plan is strategically created for the country, but there are definitely cool learning points like the reasons behind subsidizing legal and health services. Ashley, which plan do you think is the most effective and will lead to long-term change?