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The Fight for Free Speech by UC Irvine's Muslim Students

Aslan Media

The UC-Irvine MSU gained international notoriety in 2010 after 10 young Muslim men shouted down Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren in protest of what they see as Israel's unjust treatment of Palestinians. The students, known as the Irvine 11 (an 11th student also was arrested), were convicted in September 2011 for plotting to and disrupting a public meeting. The MSU remains under university probation until December 2012.

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  • Liz DwyerLiz Dwyer

    I haven't been following this case at all so thanks for sharing it. In the article it says "tensions between the Jewish and Muslim student groups have dissipated, but formal relationships have yet to form." I wonder if there are colleges and universities out there where the two communities have really come together that can serve as a model--are there campus orgs at other UCs that could come down and mediate? Also, the problem of anti-Muslim bias is something that absolutely to be addressed at the K-12 level and home before students even get to college--so much to work on in this world.