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  • Liz Dwyer

    I once read an article that said in our society you'd be shamed if you said you don't like reading, but it's socially acceptable to say you're not a math person. It's so true.

    I really appreciate the point about malleable intelligence. Especially as kids move on to middle and high school and have to tackle algebra and calculus, you see this idea of not being genetically born as "good at math" really taking root. And then you hit those weed-out college classes and kids turn away from being math (or any kind of STEM major)--they convince themselves that they're not good at math, but they're good at art history!

  • Alejandro Cabrera

    Totally agree with this article, everybody can learn mathematics, actually is a must. Mathematics is the language of nature, is part of our human intelligence. There are only excuses to not think.

  • Kris Giere

    I work everyday in my English classroom to defeat the "I am not a Math person" mentality. For whatever reason, students will readily admit to this in English class without any prompting. I then try as I might walk them through how we all use math every day. If I can, I'll even squeeze some Carol Dweck Growth Mindset knowledge into that days discussion.

    • Stef McDonald

      I just now resolved to stop saying "I"m not a math person" (or: "I was an English major").