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    • Aaron Lander

      Haha that's amazing! I hadn't heard of it. Thanks for sharing!

      I LOVE Austin. It's on PopUpsters list of next cities to get into. Any suggestions on possible sales people that are in the food scene? We need to find spaces for pop-ups including restaurants, bars, retail locations, event venues and open space like parks and parking lots.

      • Robert Nathan Allen

        Oh Aaron, you just opened a can of worms (get it!).

        I was a bartender/promotions coordinator for years in Austin before starting Little Herds. The events/music/art/booze/beer folks are my people, and we would LOVE to have some PopUpsters come collaborate with an edible insects PopUp, ATX style.

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    Would love to know how pop-ups differ from food trucks other than the fact they aren't on wheels? Are there different rules that apply to each?

    • Aaron Lander

      Depending on your city there may be different rules. In SF there are different permits/licenses you need depending if you are a mobile food facility, a caterer, a temporary food facility, cottage food maker, or a pop-up. PopUpsters.com is helping people navigate this aspect of popping up while helping anyone find space to pop-up their business.