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The Recipe Exchange

Alison Joseph

It's that time of year. The spirit of giving (and receiving) embodied in Cookie Exchanges and Secret Santas. But rather than adding to your pile of peanut butter thumbprints and scented soaps, I'd like to introduce a healthier and hopefully more useful holiday tradition - The Recipe Exchange.

Post your favorite recipe here (bonus points if it's easy) and receive a copy of The Recipe Exchange cookbook, featuring your fellow GOOD community members, in return.

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  • chheller

    I love this idea of an online recipe exchange! I used to go to a weekly potluck and some of the meals my friends would make were so good. It's great to have a group of people do a trial and error cooking run and then share the recipe among friends because you know it's good. I'm going to browse some of the recipes I've posted on my blog and post something here soon. Will you only be collecting recipes on this comment section or will you be crowdsourcing somewhere else too?