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There Is Now a Magazine for Hipster Dads

Yasha Wallin

This month sees the launch of Kindling Quarterly, a Brooklyn-based magazine for yes, the hipster dad. Their mission statement is as follows: "Kindling Quarterly is an exploration of fatherhood. Through essays, interviews, editorials, art, and photography we highlight creative individuals whose work and lives are inseparable from their role as a parent..."

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  • nick

    what is this, the onion? shame on you, i thought you we're "good"...

  • Lara Rabinovitch

    So far I like the comments here as much -- or more! -- than the idea itself.

  • Chris Marshall

    I hope there are a pictures. As a new dad I barely have time to read anything. Pictures...

  • simplehumann

    I think almost anything that gives men the tools they need to engage their sons and daughters is a great thing, sometimes we just don't know where to start.

  • Hillary Newman

    I'm nowhere close to being a dad and I'm kind of excited to see what this entails. :)

  • Ben Goldhirsh

    about time. there are more role models for cliff jumping than fathering.

      • Zachary Slobig

        bespoke babies and urban lumberjack who smother them with artisanal caregiving? i too should reserve judgement until I actually read an issue.