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  • Melo Air IncMelo Air Inc

    I like this. We're an air conditioning company and we typically caulk doors and windows when replacing equipment. It would be great to show the homeowner before and after. Air leakage has got to be one of the greatest areas of opportunity to increase energy efficiency.

  • shahen12shahen12

    i need to know what kind of sensors are you using? and what is the sensitivity and accuracy of sensor?

  • Lindsey SmithLindsey Smith

    This is such a cool addition to a phone to lead an environmentally healthier life! Not only is this a powerful tool to help planet earth, the product looks easy to use. I'm excited to see the development of the software. When will the device be available?

    • John McGrathJohn McGrath

      Lindsey, we're trying to make the user interface as simple as possible, regardless of the phone or tablet you're using. Our website will become a training site for people to learn how to use the Thermal Imager and also to show the innovative ways they've found to use it. We really expect that once this is in the hands of the DIYer they will show us all the different ways they've found to use it, and we'll post those videos and stills as well.

      • Lindsey SmithLindsey Smith

        Awesome - what a creative idea to display how other users interact and use the interface.