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Thermocell Generates Zero-Emission Energy from Coal Plant Waste

Rodrigo Mejia

One of the byproducts of coal-fired power is a tremendous amount of heat that is expelled into the atmosphere as waste. Looking to harvest that heat as a potential source of energy, researchers at Monash University in Melbourne have developed a thermocell that can convert low-grade steam plumes into zero-emission electricity. The team's work not only yielded more energy-gain than similar power cells, but provided a possible workaround the health and environmental toll of relying on coal power.

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  • Rodrigo Mejia

    I wonder about that, too. I'm sure funneling the exhaust through the termocells shaves some percentage of particulates from the exhaust, but probably not in the #'s wanted or needed. Still, a pretty friction-less way to produce energy.

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    Interesting way to think about coal. A lot of people are protesting it's distribution bec of air pollution, but maybe this could harness a use for it in a healthy way? I wonder how air is affected.