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  • Beads Land-TrujilloBeads Land-Trujillo

    With only three days left in the Kickstarter campaign, Mr. Shapiro has received almost half a million dollars in pledges!

    • Adele PetersAdele Peters

      That's fantastic. I love seeing what's become possible through crowdfunding...it's almost hard to remember just a few years ago (2009, I think) Kickstarter wasn't around.

  • Beads Land-TrujilloBeads Land-Trujillo

    It would take someone who started programming at the age of 7 to figure out a way to present this material as something anyone can learn!

    Knowing that this exists (and that is is poised to be so successful) is deeply encouraging, as it shows that these skills have nothing to do with being one of the select few who are "good at computers", but comes down to skills in planning and communication, skills that can be learned without even turning on a computer.

  • Kris GiereKris Giere

    This is very cool. And it is still a form of literacy. There is no need to juxtapose learning to read and manipulate code from learning to read formal English. The overlap is ingrained and should be used to enhance each other.

    • Adele PetersAdele Peters

      Great point. I know coding's getting more and more common in schools, but I wonder when it will be as standard to learn as reading...

      • Beads Land-TrujilloBeads Land-Trujillo

        Perhaps when we stop thinking of programming languages as a math skill. (As I'm advocating in pushing for new methods that focus on teaching machine language within the context of language arts.)

  • Alessandra RizzottiAlessandra Rizzotti

    Amazing. Really good example of how to make a hard-to-grasp topic more accessible.