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This Dog is an Advocate for Puppy Mill Awareness

Alessandra Rizzotti

After surviving cancer, Jack the Pomeranian was diagnosed with progressive retinal atrophy. Although his disease will lead to blindness, that's not stopping him representing dogs that have come from puppy mills. Jack has inspired his owner to not only create a Facebook page dedicated to raising awareness, but also an Instagram account that highlights special unposed moments with him.

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  • Craig Ogg

    My dog Jack is also a Pomeranian from a puppy mill (see his cuteness here: http://instagram.com/p/b2assTguAU/). His back legs are not fully functional and he walks on his front 2 legs.

    We got him before we learned not to buy dogs from a pet store (all previous animals had been from shelters, but sometimes you just fall in love).

    • Alessandra Rizzotti

      Your dog is adorable. It's good you learned about puppy mills and now that you know about them, you can raise awareness.