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This Is the Williamsburg of Your City: A Map of Hip America

Patrick McDonnell

What is your city's Williamsburg? What's its hippest—or formerly hippest—or sometimes just youngest—neighborhood, the one with the art galleries and the boutiques and the lines for brunch? (And what, for that matter, is its Bushwick, or "Next Williamsburg"?)

If you don't know off the top of your head, don't worry. Thanks to a poll by Gawker, here's a map and list of America's hippest hipsterish neighborhoods!

Shout out to Deep Ellum and Oak Cliff in Dallas!

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  • voidjumping

    I've been looking for something like this, having just moved from Portland to San Diego...I'm always asking where the Northwest 23rd of San Diego, or where is the Hawthorne, Mississippi, etc... Unfortunately this link doesn't quite do it. It would be cool to have an app or website where you could fine similar neighborhoods across all US cities.

    • Patrick McDonnell

      Hello Void, Sounds like a great idea! Maybe you should do it?!

      I bet gawker would be interested in your idea. You should see about getting in contact with them and pitching it. If you don't, I might. :)