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Time Spent on Instagram

Neilson Spencer

Instagram has reinvigorated many artistic endeavors: social photo-sharing, old-timey photographic styling, and foodie dining excitement, to name a few. But none more so than the art of time-wasting. With their noses buried in their smartphones, you can bet most people are up to one thing — Instagramming. Last fall, information from Comscore even reported that users were spending nearly 1.5 times the amount of time on Instagram as they were on Twitter. And just today, Instagram announced it...

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  • Cece ChouCece Chou

    Hah so true! Filters and hashtags are the key reasons that users get easily trapped in Instagram.

  • Lindsey SmithLindsey Smith

    This is interesting! I think that people spend more time on Instagram because looking at pictures in mindless. When you are on Facebook and Twitter, you have to read! I wonder how brands are going to react to this announcement!