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  • Alexandra Cho

    I love this! No one uses phone booths these days with everyone having cellphones. At least now we can appreciate simple stuff like this as we're walking the streets.

  • Megan Wood

    How about turning them into bathrooms?

    • Doris Yee

      I agree. When I was in Belgium, there were single-person bathrooms everywhere (and free). They were actually relatively clean. But I don't know which one would require more maintenance.

      • Megan Wood

        Probably bathrooms require more short-term maintenance, aquariums more in the long run. I'd pay a dollar for a clean bathroom experience in Manhattan, especially when Starbucks lines are twenty people deep.

  • haruhi

    this idea is brilliant, i think then can make it more blue in summer.

  • nico morris

    better yet,put PHONES in them and get rid of cellphones...hmmm

    • Morf Morford

      Hey, I LOVE that idea. How about free phones....