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Unlocking Kickstarter

Judy Tan

We can’t say we’re Kickstarter gurus but many people have asked “What are some tips for creating a successful Kickstarter project?” We’d like to share with you with what we’ve learned so far from our two Kickstarter campaigns. This is it – we hope you will find it helpful!

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  • Juan Rodriguez Freire

    Hi Judy, Thanks for the tips. I just started a project and also noticing that not many backers are coming directly from KS. Congratulations on reaching your goal!

    • Judy Tan

      Hi Juan, hope the article helped you w/ your KS campaign! Thanks for your kind words! Wish you the best of luck as well!

  • Judy Tan

    Hi Ben, glad you find it helpful for you. Yes! We were surprised by the 10% of backers came from ks... before we did our research. Food is the definitly the hardest category on ks. If you are doing food... Be extra prepared to direct your own traffic to your ks project. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Ben Goldhirsh

    super helpful and thoughtful. thanks for putting this together. were you surprised seeing that only 10% of backers were coming organically through Kickstarter, or did that number exceed your expectations?