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  • Doris YeeDoris Yee

    Happy this post didn't focus on vegans consuming too many grains - a dependency that many non-meat eaters have in their everyday diet. Tofu is good source of protein. I use it a lot as the mold, base or texture for any vegan cooking, including imitating cheese or white meats (tofurkey).

  • Diego HemkenDiego Hemken

    the Vegan Staple covers it: Grains, Greens, & Beans

  • Ruben AlexanderRuben Alexander

    I'm not a vegan, but I am on a high protein diet. Alternative sources of protein is a very good thing!

    • Brenna DonoghueBrenna Donoghue

      I agree - even if you're eating animal products, finding some plant-based compliments are really the way to go. A bit harder work to get it all balanced right than I thought though!

      • Ruben AlexanderRuben Alexander

        I wish I had nut trees growing in my backyard!