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    Katie Henderson Peter Egan

Vitamin D May Help Prevent Lung Disease, Cancer in Adult Smokers

Peter Egan

A series of new studies have all suggested the same thing as it pertains to the impact of low vitamin D levels on an adult smoker's odds of being diagnosed with lung cancer or other debilitating lung disease: That those smokers with insufficient vitamin D levels are far more likely to come down with such a diagnosis, and that supplementation might help reduce the rates of the occurrences of these diseases if smokers were to become diligent about either sunbathing or taking their vitamins.

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  • TamirKatzMDTamirKatzMD

    There are more and more studies showing benefits of vitamin D. Due to the fact that most of us receive very little sunlight, deficiency is quite common.

  • Peter EganPeter Egan

    I found this series of studies relating to the effects of vitamin D on smokers to be particularly fascinating.