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Want to be a Global Citizen? Learn Another Language!

Center for Teaching Quality

CTQ teacherpreneur Noah Zeichner highlights the importance of bilingual education in the United States. He claims: "New research is showing that multi-linguals’ brains are more efficient when multitasking and reasoning [and] multilingualism may even delay the onset of dementia and full-blown Alzheimer’s disease." Have a story about the importance of language for yourself or students? Join the conversation by clicking on the link below.

Picture Credit: DasRakel via WikiMedia Commons

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  • Yasha Wallin

    Agreed. Not only that, but you are able to experience the world in such a different way knowing another language. I'm always in awe of my friends that speak three or more languages and how they are able to access other cultures and get to know the people because of it.

    • Center for Teaching Quality

      We share your awe with our colleagues who teach bilingually! Seems we need a shift in the American educational culture to emphasize the importance of language for learning and gaining a broader world view.