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Water-Carrying Backpack Wins Cooper-Hewitt Award

Adele Peters

After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, entrepreneur David Fischer noticed how hard it was for women to carry water using dirty, heavy jerry cans. It's a problem millions of people face around the world, and he decided to try to make a trip with water a little easier. The result was the PackH2O backpack, which won Cooper-Hewitt's 2013 People's Design Award last night.

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  • David SchwartzDavid Schwartz

    I'm assuming these Haitian women have been carrying water in similar ways for some time now... I wonder how this PackH2O might be causing any cultural shifts. The statistics calculated about carrying water on heads contributing spinal injury and neck pain were illuminating, too, but couldn't these backpacks injure the women as well, focusing on areas where they might not have as much muscle development?