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We Need to Support Journalists Who Want to Report More Than Just the Blood and Guts

Stef McDonald

Francesca Borri's story in the Columbia Journalism Review is a chilling read for her insight into being a freelance journalist in Syria, but it does more than list the challenges (facing bodily harm, constant fear, sexism). What stands out is her honest critique of the media—editors asking "for the blood, the bang-bang" for $70 a piece—when she'd rather report the stories for readers who "want to understand, not simply to know."

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  • Hannah Kim

    This is so thought-provoking. I think this also reflects on us, as readers and consumers of the media since the media does not stand in isolation. They cater to our needs-- and as long as we remain disinterested in global affairs (as a whole, there are many individuals who care, of course) then I think that journalists such as Francesca will be unable to escape from these difficult situations.