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    Alex Gorosh Keith Bormuth Douglas Sellers

Web Lab is an exhibition featuring a series of interactive Chrome Experiments in life-size form.

Doris Yee

Familiar with Chrome experiments? Well, how about seeing them in life-size form rather than on your browser? Visitors to the London Science Museum are able to play with five unique installations, while at the same time, online participants can visit www.chromeweblab.com and interact with the same installations. Together, in-museum and online visitors will bring web technologies to life through five experiments.

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  • Douglas Sellers

    Why did they make this? It's cool and all but what's the point?

    • Keith Bormuth

      To help sensationalize and make tangible the "art" of Chrome.

    • Doris Yee

      Museums are struggling, that's for sure. How to combine society's interest in the internet in the human world...maybe, but probably not.

      As an exhibition, I believe it was aimed at making visitors reflect on their "user experience." Some people get that better in the human flesh rather than by-the-pixel.

      Tellart projects tend to always involve connecting tangible things to the internet. According to the CEO of the design firm, data architecture is just as important to the form as its physical shape.

      (Yes, that last statement was pretty high up there).