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When Tech Culture And Urbanism Collide

Jessica Lowry

The city is the most complex machine ever invented. Running optimally, the city generates opportunity and provides a platform for interaction, ideas, and improvement. As a concept, the city has been iterated-upon, smashed and burnt to the ground, rebuilt, deliberately-designed, haphazardly-organized, and generally resilient for many millennia. But the city is still a human invention and every single one is flawed, many horribly so.

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  • Alessandra RizzottiAlessandra Rizzotti

    Really interesting how tech companies are moving into the middle of cities to collect data and understand consumers better most likely. Would love to see them working more with urban planners.

  • Patrick McDonnellPatrick McDonnell

    Jessica, nice post! Got any ideas about the future of Tech and Urbanism?

    • Jessica LowryJessica Lowry

      Thanks, I thought it was a great article too. Especially because I've been working on Key to the Street and trying to immerse myself in this space. As for predictions, I see a lot more transparency and collaboration across the public and private sectors. I think the barriers that have traditionally existed are going to further erode and we'll see new opportunities for a cross-pollination of ideas from a broad spectrum of experts. I look forward to some of the silos within particular professions to break down which will allow fresh perspectives and new ideas to emerge.

      • Patrick McDonnellPatrick McDonnell

        Jessica, yes I'm a big fan of Key to the Street! I'm fascinated by the whole conversation about tech and urbanism colliding lately and agree with you that there are tons of opportunities on the rise. You wanna connect offline and talk some more about it? My email is patrickm02L@gmail.com.