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Where Would You Take a Sabbatical?

Alessandra Rizzotti

I went to Ghana in 2007 on a study abroad trip thinking I'd make a documentary and forget about an unsatisfying relationship. Instead, I experienced slowing down and living life in small, deep moments. These are photos and snippets from my journal shared on good.is member Jonny Miller's beautiful site, Maptia.com. Share your stories there, and tell me- where would you take a sabbatical?

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  • Samuel Hatzen

    I would love to visit the Tianzi Mountains in China. And camp on one of them lol

  • Tom Maybrier

    I'm not sure but I know for sure it would involve leaving the US - the experience of living in another culture would be essential for achieving the grounding and re-focus I'd be after in a sabbatical. A cosmopolitan city would be excellent. The more perspectives the better, Buenos Aires, Argentina springs to mind.

    • Alessandra Rizzotti

      I'd like to see what Japan or Toronto are like. But I also see the value in being SUPER remote.