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Which Cities Most Need a Redesign For Rising Sea Levels?

Adele Peters

Guangzhou, Mumbai, and New York all made the list of the top 20 cities most at risk from rising sea levels thanks to climate change. Researchers looked at the largest coastal cities and ranked them based on geography and what they've done to prepare for flooding. Without some major new extreme weather architecture and urban planning, we'll be facing flooding costs of $1 trillion a year by midcentury.

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  • Meghan Neal

    Crazy to think about. I really hope people can act on this and make changes before it's too late. Either by redesigning the cities, or doing something to slow the effects of climate change.. or I guess both, ideally.

    • Adele Peters

      Yeah, it's such a huge challenge. It's encouraging to see what's going on in NYC now with rebuilding after Sandy...the city seems to be headed in the right direction.